About Us

Welcome to Touchè & The Pamper Lounge

Our mission is to create a 100% natural skincare range that would suit all skin care types and only use the purest ingredients that really work.

We believe in the power of mother nature, which is why you wont find any pesticides or unnecessary synthetics in our products. Just the purest natural ingredients that will enhance your skin and protect it over time.

All of our products have been carefully formulated and hand crafted with care to get the very best out of every single natural ingredient so you feel the full benefit of natures touch on your skin.

I also would like to enlighten you all with my amazing services which are all delivered by myself or virtually. Being a master in my field for the last few years has given me the cutting edge as all my clients are repeat. I also train students 1:1 so if you wish to start your own career in the beauty world then look no further and join a course with me.